the story of us


Welcome to Love Yoga Baby and thanks for stopping by!

We’re a 2 sister show – a couple of gals that love spending time together. We love our kids,
our pets, our planet and sharing that love. So that got us thinking… Let’s incorporate it all and
change the world!
Well, not quite, but you know what we mean 🙂

We don’t envisage LOVE YOGA BABY to be just another online store. We want it to be an
experience. We desire engagement with our customers. That’s YOU!
We value your requests – Tell us what you want and need!
We value your feedback – Give us the good and tell us what we could do better!

We haven’t just sourced goods that we think you might like. We’ve truly put tons of thought
into the selection we are offering. LOVE YOGA BABY brings you products that shape a lifestyle!

we believe...

We believe in an inspirational way of living.

Seek to find, and enjoy the process, of that which stimulates your creativity, mind and soul.

Through joyfully living this practice, you inspire others to do the same.

We believe in a more sustainable conscientious way of living.

Sustainable living is a lifestyle, conscious practice, and philosophy.

Start with yourself and then share what you’ve learned. 

Start in your home and then expand into your community. 

Make it a habit and you’ll feel like you’re contributing to not just any cause, but the most essential one.

We believe in being kind.


the sisters

Lisa – I am many things but I think the words “MOM”, “FAMILY”, “ANIMAL LOVER” and “OPTIMIST” describe my essence best.
I just want the joy and fulfilment I am blessed to feel, to imprint every being I come into contact with – (even if it is online). 

Karin – After years of struggling to have a baby, I finally fell pregnant after having IVF and our beautiful daughter, Isabella was born.
While I was pregnant I became passionate about finding natural, ethical and safe products. More than ever I want to create and curate beautiful and practical products, that do not harm our planet.