BIBS De Lux are as beautiful as the BIBS Colour pacifiers, but in a new elegant design with a modern matte finish.

Bibs Pacifiers are designed and made in Denmark and have been a European favourite for 40 years! These pacifiers offer the safety of natural materials with a simple design.

  • BIBS Dummies have a 100% natural rubber teat.
  • They’re also 100% BPA, PVC & Phthalates free.
  • Babies love the cherry teat design as it mimics a mothers breast, an ideal shape for breast-feeding mothers.
  • The round shield is directed away from your baby’s face to avoid irritation to the skin

Size 2 suitable for most newborns and can be used until the pacifier is no longer needed.


  • Sterilize each pacifier before use.
  • Place the pacifiers in a clean and heat resistant bowl and pour boiling water over them.
  • Leave in the water for 5 minutes and let them dry on a clean towel afterwards.
  • Use the towel to press excess water out of the nipple.
  • Do not use a pacifier that shows any changes in color or irregularities of pacifier, because it is made of natural rubber, the nipple may expand a bit with use.
  • We recommend that pacifiers be used for 6 weeks due to hygienic reasons.

For hygiene reasons, we do not offer any return or exchange on the pacifiers.