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My name is Karin and I am the owner of Love Yoga Baby.

After years of struggling to have a baby, I finally fell pregnant after having IVF and our beautiful daughter Isabella was born. While I was pregnant I became passionate about finding natural, ethical and safe products.

I source and stock natural products that I love and I hope you do too!

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Discover the Love Yoga Baby Lifestyle

Let Love Yoga Baby help you and your little one live a fulfilled, happy, natural life. Be inspired by everything around you; enjoy every minute of your day and bond with your family in a whole new way. Live and breathe the natural lifestyle with Love Yoga Baby.

Our selection baby essentials has become incredibly popular with those who want the best for themselves and their baby. Our products are 100% natural and are designed to not only feel good, but to look good too. Love Yoga Baby believes that living the natural way is the right way, and we don’t need any additives in our lives.

Live the Love Yoga Baby Way

We have taken the hassle out of finding natural baby essentials.

A healthy start is a head start and active moms know that Love Yoga Baby has their best interests at heart. We put family first, and fitness right behind that, and with us you have the chance to enjoy both.

Living the natural way has oodles of benefits, and as a mom, you can enjoy all the advantages of a healthy lifestyle. You can start your baby off on the right path too, and give them the best start in life with products that are designed to enhance rather than harm.

Harsh chemicals, synthetic fibres and non-breathable fabrics have no place in our lives, and by embracing what nature has to offer we can eliminate the discomfort caused by products that shouldn’t be near our skin. Bamboo, cork and cotton feature heavily in our ranges and all our apparel, accessories and babywear is of the finest quality.

Happy Baby, Happy Mom

Your little one will turn your world upside down in all the right ways, and giving them the best start by embracing a natural way of life is a wonderful gift. Our natural, organic bamboo baby essentials are designed to fit in with your lifestyle, and our swaddles, bibs and burp cloths are not only beautiful, they are made from natural fibres too. This reduces the chances of your baby developing any sort of allergic reaction or sensitivity, and keeps them comfy all day.

Embrace an all-natural, organic for you and your baby. Join the Love Yoga Baby family on a journey that’s all about looking and feeling good.


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5 stars for service!
I really had a good experience shopping online with Love Yoga Baby – the response and delivery were so quick and easy. I live in a rural town and it took only 4 days (including a weekend) for my parcel to arrive at my door – (not used to this)
I love my baby bibs!! Good quality and so cute!

We were gifted with a gorgeous blanket and burping cloths from LYB & they’ve been absolutely wonderful! So soft, cool for summer and gorgeous to boot! ♥️ highly recommend!