About Us


After spending years behind a desk working for big corporate retailers, I decided to leave that behind and follow my passion of healthy and sustainable living.

My name is Nikita van Zyl and I am the owner and founder of Love Yoga Baby.

Living a healthy and natural life is my personal belief and passion in life. The world is filled with processed and harmful substances that we surround ourselves and our families with every day. My goal is to supply fellow South Africans with natural and eco-friendly products that are both safe for the environment and look good!

Why Yoga and Baby?

I personally love yoga and have discovered so many benefits from this beautiful practice. Exercise grounds you and incorporating yoga into your every day practice gives you peace and clarity for the day ahead.

I come from a big family that is filled with small humans. I source natural products that will love and protect them from the harmful substances available out there. Your baby deserves the best start in life!

Thank you for supporting me and my business.

Nikita xx


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Free shipping to major city centres

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5 stars for service!
I really had a good experience shopping online with Love Yoga Baby – the response and delivery were so quick and easy. I live in a rural town and it took only 4 days (including a weekend) for my parcel to arrive at my door – (not used to this)
I love my baby bibs!! Good quality and so cute!

We were gifted with a gorgeous blanket and burping cloths from LYB & they’ve been absolutely wonderful! So soft, cool for summer and gorgeous to boot! ♥️ highly recommend!