What is the purpose of this non-slip microfiber towel you might ask?

We will share that it adds a soft, protective top layer to your yoga mat to avoid direct contact, which in turn keeps your mat clean and dry for extended use.

What is the purpose of the silicone bumps on the back of the towel you might query?

We will tell you that not only do they offer extra traction to prevent slipping but they also deliver a good massage to promote blood circulation. 

Anything else?
But of course! The microfiber towel also absorbs moisture from the skin, keeping you (and your mat) more comfortable.

Features: (where to begin!)

  • Antibacterial microfiber blend is hella absorbent

  • The pretty flower pattern is slip-resistant

  • Feathery lightweight

  • Machine washable and dries real quick

  • Dimensions: 183 x 61 cm



Additional information


Blue, Purple


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